{2015}Review of Lau Fu Lin Yong Tau Foo老福林酿豆腐

hello lovelies:>

Today i am going to introduce you to the Lau Fu Lin Yong Tau Foo which i have been patronizing this shop for yong tau foo since their Bedok Simpang days! I was so happy to find out they moved even nearer to me:))) So if you wanna find good yong tau foo in the eastern region of singapore, i would totally recommend this!
 their selection. you choose what you want and they will cook it for you:)

 they also have sets

 opening hours

 mee tai bak( really good and smooth!!)
 bee hoon( also very very smooth and super delicious!)
 tadahhhh items are generally 30c to 60c and i recommend getting the ah bian its really good!!! but i can say even if you randomly chose anything it would be delicious^^

 you can order the veg separately for $3.
they also have rice but i really recommend getting the noodles because they are the smoothest noodles ever!!

Address: Blk 824 Tampines st 81 S520824(beside the food court)( refer to the photo above for more information)
i am getting alot of views suddenly on this post. Anyone can enlighten me why? Leave a comment please!!

( They have since closed down due to manpower constraints) 


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  1. food.is.still.ok, but boss.attitude.damn bad, bad till u.feel.dont.eat.also.nvm.

    1. Hmm maybe a change in management as the boss had mentioned that the regular cashier had returned back to PRC and he was looking forward to selling the business off as he couldn't cope. Such a pity though. Never experienced bad service so far...

  2. Hi , closed down already ? Anyone know of the new location ?

    1. Yes, i think the original plan was to close down for good but if it reopens, i will let you know.